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The All Terrain Welding Cart

Have a small mig welder? Is it a pain to roll it outside the shop? Does it seem like the smallest pebble or extension cord gets in your way when moving your welder? Tired of having to go back to your tool box several times for those tools needed for welding? Well here is the answer to all your problems.

This all terrain mig welding cart is designed specifically for smaller mig welders and is quite capable of traversing rough terrain because of its 4-wheel independent suspension and 13" knobby tires. This cart comes equipped with handy tool storage, nozzle dip/beverage holder, hooks for storing cords and tools, and a fire extinguisher mount.

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(Product of IH Parts America)

Constructed entirely of steel and protected by an industrial powdercoat finish, this cart can take just about any type of abuse thrown in its path. This all terrain mig welding cart fits most Lincoln, Miller, Hobart, Firepower, and other small mig welders.

This all terrain mig welding cart is your answer to the immobility associated with all other welding carts. It can be taken to those hard to reach places and glides over just about any type of terrain that normally stops other welding carts in their tracks.

For those of you who fabricate and weld outside the shop, this is the answer you have been looking for.

Heavy duty independent suspension

Welding cart fully decked out and ready for work. This is prototype #2

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